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"The Earth is Evil". On Lars von Trier's 'Melancholia'

"Annihilating flatters something obscure, something original in us. It is not by erecting but by pulverizing that we may divine the secret satisfactions of a god. Whence the lure of destruction and the illusions it provokes among the frenzied of any era.

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The idiot's tragedy

About Lars von Trier's movies

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"I'M A GHOST, BUT I JUST DON'T KNOW IT." The Indiscreet Charm of Phantoms and the Culture of Death [1]

El hombre olvida que es un muerto que conversa con muertos. [One forgets that one is a dead man conversing with dead men.] Jorge Luis Borges, There Are More Things (El libro de Arena)

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The idiot's tragedy. Lars von Trier's cinema

Published on: Sara Fortuna & Laura Scuriatti eds., On Dogville, Dekalog 5, Columbia University Press, Wallflower (London-New York), 2012, pp. 22-37.

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Falling in Love with the Clouds. Notes on Pier Paolo Pasolini

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